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Jamie Heart


I have been with Back to Balance Chiropractic Wellness Center since May, 2012 and I love it. I love how fun, yet healing and relaxing it can be. I graduated from Atlanta School of Massage. Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue, and TMJ work are some of my favorite modalities.  I feel like massage is not something I chose for myself, it chose me. Many situations along my life’s path have nudged me closer and closer to it. My goal is to help the body do what it was intended to do… heal itself. I do believe you can be relieved of many discomforts and diseases with all naturally focused Doctors and Therapists.

When you come to see me for massage, I will be very focused on true pain relief. No, this is not a ‘spa massage’ folks. Although, through out your treatment process, we can do a nice relaxing massage. Most of the time it will be deeper work, stretching, and trigger point therapy. The work may be uncomfortable for a moment but the results will be long lasting. I will send you home with stretches that I demonstrate just before you leave the office that will also help your recovery. I really love what I do and I truly have a genuine desire to help the body heal and be relieved of pain. I hope you come to hang out with us at Back to Balance soon! 


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